About Us

Jill FitzGerald being presented with the Weddings Online award for “Best Wedding Industry Newcomer” from Jackie Lavin, in February 2010

Cake Toppers Ireland was founded in 2008 – starting as a creative outlet and hobby as much as anything! Jill FitzGerald’s background was in food and catering (so no, not an Art qualification in sight, I’m afraid!!) and a wedding cake business looked like the next step, then, having been asked by a few clients, she tried her hand at making cake toppers. Gradually Jill’s style evolved, and seemed to appeal to the brides of Ireland…..and so a Business was Born!!

Spotting the potential as a business, Jill in 2009 submitted her idea to RTE’s Higher Ground – and was selected….. and the show was broadcast in Sept 2009 – it was a fantastic, if nervewracking, experience! Thanks are extended to the producers and mentors in Higher Ground, and to all who extended good wishes following the show! In 2010 Cake Toppers Ireland won the WeddingsOnline’s Award for Best Industry Newcomer, and since then, with word of mouth amongst the brides of Ireland…and beyond, Cake Toppers Ireland has grown to be the leading Cake Topper creator in the country. We extend our thanks to all our clients who have supported us, contributed to our growth, and promoted our business amongst their friends!!